Aquarius Slipform  

Slipform Barrier Walls


Slipforming is a fast and cost efficient way in extruding a better quality product compared to formwork, precast and hand placed barrier and walls.

Our Wirtgen SP250 slipform paver enables us to extrude a high quality concrete barrier wall with an average production of 250 metres per shift depending on the height. It has the ability to adapt to variable surface cross-falls and manoeuvre itself around a tight radius. The paver can adapt its mould to either centre mount or side mount configuration depending on application. We have moulds to suit most applications including variable height moulds for split carriageways and specialised moulds can be manufactured to suit your requirements.

Our Arrow 1000 slipform paver can extrude barrier wall to 100cm high, it can also extrude a variety of other profiles.

Aquarius Slipform can extrude:
  • Half width barriers that are used in tunnels adjacent existing structures
  • Barrier over reinforcing steel
  • Slotted barriers for noise panels and anti-glare screens
  • Barrier on existing barrier

Aquarius Slipform has a wealth of experience, which has been acquired over the years and enables us to give knowledgeable advice whenever needed.

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